JANKOSSEN's exhibitions and curated shows focus primarily on abstract, conceptual art created by both established and mid-career international talents.  Established in 2009 in Basel,  JANKOSSEN ran gallery outlets and representations in Basel, Singapore, New York, Sydney, Venice and Hong Kong.  Between 2012 - 2019 JANKOSSEN expanded its operations to the big Apple in the vibrant Gallery district of Chelsea New York.  During the Venice Biennale 2017 JanKossen held a group show in their gallery in Venice Italy located within the Palazzo Corner Spinelli on the Grand Canal. 

As of September 2019, the gallery has moved away from the restricted, gallery space to pop-up exhibitions via collabrations with galleries in Europe and the US; as well as creating virtual-exhibitions. This new approach mirrors the changing gallery-landscape; fulfilling our vision of becoming a more global, dynamic nomad gallery that reaches a greater audiece for both our clients and artists. 

JanKossen's administraive offices in Basel offer artists career management, advisory services for collectors and curatorial services for exhibitions in the commercial and public sectors.
Besides participating actively during selected, international art fairs, the gallery specializes in private sales in the secondary market with a focus on the work by European, Chinese and American twentieth century and contemporary artists. The gallery also provides advisory and collection management services.

JK Projects is an experimental platform where JanKossen Contemporary showcases emerging artists on a probational basis.  Artists are carefully selected on a set criteria based on our gallery program parameters. Selected artists whose work generate a strong response from collectors are given an opportunity for a trial representation with the gallery.