Jang Yong Sun (Korea)

Yongsun Jang

Yongsun Jang’s practice begins with two simple questions: “What is the origin of life?” and “How/where does it exist?” Reading into contemporary scientific theory, we know that the elements that make up the human body are the same ones forged from stars that exploded billions of years ago, and we are thus extensions of the universe. Through the cross-sections of pipes, Yang creates a macroscopic visual representation of the cluster of cells which are the essential building blocks of life.

Jang’s process involves welding pipes one after another to create his organic forms; he considers them to be a cluster of microscopic cells which divide and multiple to create organic beings. His artwork seemly appears to be a contradiction; both touching on the specific while talking about the universal, creating something so heavy which appears to float almost weightlessly, and using such rigid materials to create something which seems bioorganic. It is as if each question’s answer only leads to more questions, and this constant questioning is exactly what Jang is exploring when asking himself why life exists.
Jang  Yong Sun
Jang Yong Sun