Suh Jeong Min (South Korea)

The celebration of faith is the flow of prayer. We look up to the heavens in order to be heard. We are answered by the blessings from above. This questioning, and answering flow is shown in the patterns of the rolled prayers, which resemble cornfields flowing in the wind.
The artwork of Suh Jeong-min employs the timeless structures of geometry while simultaneously pursuing an idiosyncratic aesthetic that combines cultural references with unusual formal techniques. These elegant and somewhat imposing works are neither painting nor sculpture, yet have properties of both. The paper Suh uses is made out of Buddhist prayer paper from Korean hanji, made from the inner bark of Mulberry trees.
Suh says a prayer of thanks while creating these “prayer works”, believing that the borrowed prayers of others will bless the home or person once the work finds its final resting place.
Suh  Jeong Min
Suh Jeong Min